A Tribute To Our First Client

Now I must take the time out to thank a special customer who has now become a friend. I first met Page Chen and her family in 2014 outside the Grand Resort hotel in Ocho Rios. I didn't have a website at the time, so I had to get every customer I had with my sales pitch. Page was with her family and by pure chance, which I now believe was destiny, she needed to grab some local food and I knew the perfect spot so she took chance with me and she loved the spot. I did my best and she and her family enjoyed my service. We chatted a bit and agreed on price for me to transport them to all the activities they had planned for the week. During the daily tours we talked a lot about me and my goals in life. I told her my two most immediate goals were to build my website and become a partner with TripAdvisor. I told her I had been trying for some time to become a partner with TripAdvisor, but for some strange reason, I just kept getting denied. When I told her this, she simply said, " I will help with both those things when I get back." I was shocked. I barely knew this woman but she offered to help me. I thought maybe she was just saying this now, but when she gets back, she will totally forget about it. But I was wrong. She did exactly what she promised, and by doing it, it got me to the point where I am today, and I am extremely grateful for her friendship. Since then, she has been back to Jamaica several times and referred friends and family to me throughout the years. Page Chen, I am extremely grateful we met, you are truly one in a million!

The Page Chen Family

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